Valspar Valde ECP

Breakthrough technology that won't break the bank

In the heavy machinery market, Valspar Valde Edge Coverage Powder is best-in-class technology that saves you time and money. This innovative process allows for a powder primer and top coat to be applied with only a single cure stage. And best of all, it provides tough corrosion protection with a smooth finish.

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Valde ECP Advantages

Positive results from industry-leading innovation

This is best-in-class corrosion resistance of a two-coat process with only one trip through the oven. But the benefits don't stop there. As a total cost solution, it's the best solution at the best price. And the other advantages are a result of Valspar Valde ECP's innovative, single cure process.

Financial Savings

Productivity Savings

Ecological Savings

Eliminating second oven and conveyor equipment expenses.

Drastically reducing the footprint for part-finishing areas.

Versus 0.6 lbs./gal. VOC from standard electrocoat primers.

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Why Valspar®

We're an innovative global leader in coatings technology for the heavy machinery market. Our focus on customer value through specified technology and cost-reduction techniques yields the lowest total cost solution.

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